Alexander Keir Moilliet 1880 - 1921

Alexander Keir Moilliet was raised at Cheney Court near Abberley and by the time he was 15 years old he was determined to become a physician. He came to Canada and undertook various activities including farming and police work, even going to South Africa during the Boer War being seconded to the South African Mounted Police. Evenually he returned to his first interest by beginning his medical studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and at Baltimore Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Near the conclusion of his medical training he inquired of some friends in medical school where he might meet a lady as nice as one of his medical school friends. He was told to correspond with a Miss Odo Surratt of Waco Texas, which he did.

Alex had already secured a position as medical officer with a mining company a few miles north of Monclova, Mexico (on the rail line to Eagle Pass, TX) and was on his way to his appointment when he arrived in Waco, Texas to meet Miss Surratt for the first time. They married and both then proceeded to Lampacitos, Mexico.

In 1911 they moved to Teziutlan, located on the rail line between Mexico City and Vera Cruz.

In 1914 he accepted an appointment with the Eagle Oil Company at their industrial installation at Minitatlan, located at the southern extreme of the Gulf of Mexico.

Alex and Odo had three children, John Lewis, Alexander Keir and Marguerite. Unfortunately young Alex lived less than a year. Alex had to send his young family to Texas on several occasions to escape revolution and political unrest.

In each community where they lived Alex operated a clinic for the local residents. He had a large appreciation for the Mexican people. They referred to him as "Don Alejandro", considered a title of distinction.

Alex was with Eagle Oil during the Great War and the company's refining complex in Minitatlan contributed significantly to the war effort.

In the late fall of 1920 the family went to London aboard a company oil tanker and Alex undertook additional study at the London School of Tropical Medicine. On the way back to Mexico he came down with maleria. He was cared for at the company hospital in Minitatlan but as his condition grew worse we was transfered to a better medical facility at Tampico, Mexico. Unfortunately complications ended his life much too early, at age 41.

Odo and her young children moved to Seymour, Texas to live near her relatives.

Son John (known as Jock) received most of his education in Texas but eventually went to England for further education and stayed there and made a career as a researcher with the I.C.L. chemical company.

Daughter Marguerite (known as Peggy) studied nuclear physics and married physicist Fred Rogers. Their work may have contributed to the Manahaton Project. Peggy concluded her scientific career at the U.S. Navy research station at China Lake, California.